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Alan Dellascio is a graduate of Salem State University's drawing and painting program.  He has lived in Massachusetts his entire life, and has been inspired by the traditions and lore of the New England area.  He has a love of Halloween and haunting, and has been involved in various haunted attractions throughout the area for nearly 20 years.  His artwork can be seen at several attractions in Salem, MA. 


“Every neighborhood has one… the spooky house set back from the road… the haunted house at the end of the lane.  It was a part of childhood, part of growing up.  The stories of strange happenings always set your young mind wandering into spooky territory, and it thrilled you.  Then on Halloween night when you went trick-or-treating with your parents and friends, you were always afraid to go down that one dreaded walkway... the one that led to that house. Even though you knew the people who lived there were friendly, your helpless imagination conjured up images of ghosts, witches, and goblins.  Halloween night was always special, particularly during childhood, but those memories live on.  Send me a photo of your house, and I’ll do my best to turn it into that spooky house that kids are afraid to wander up to.  I’ll try to capture some of those nostalgic Halloween night memories for you, the kind that make you want to put on your new costume, grab a flashlight, and head out into the darkened streets with eyes wide.  There’s a strange chill in the air tonight.  Can you feel it?  It seems to be centered around your house.  Happy Halloween.” - Alan